The brand

geometric inspiration

The designer Natalia Berilo is inspired by the geometric shapes that nature takes, timeless disruptive creations, for demanding clients who appreciate unique, sophisticated and avant-garde objects, and value fashion as a functional work of art that accompanies us in our day to day.

Following a philosophy of slow fashion, all our designs are made by hand in Ubrique, a Spanish town with a long tradition in the leather sector. Our artisans make each piece with high quality standards.

we belong to nature

Natalia Berilo relates that: “In architecture, design and engineering, the human being has replicated nature, if we observe carefully, in each step we take through our cities, nature appears to us in all its forms, sets of solid juxtaposed that gives as a result those streets and buildings through which we travel daily”.

Without realizing it, we live immersed in a replica of nature and no matter how much we believe that within a city we are far from it, everything that surrounds us has its shape and soul. Isn’t the human being a product of nature? Seen like this, it is not surprising that all art and all our creations contain it.

Minerals, in their crystallization, show us infinite geometric shapes, and it is there, in the hexagonal crystallization of the mineral Beryl, where I have found much of my inspiration”.

“Every time I finish a design and hold it in my hands, I feel the same sensation as when I look at a mineral. I invite you to experience nature through a Natalia Berilo Handbag”.

– Natalia Berilo