Ethical code

We operate with integrity following codes of ethics in both the social and environmental spheres.

We protect the environment by producing and consuming responsibly.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We are progressive with this goal and we make real and positive changes that benefit the world.

As part of our commitment to protect the planet, we have taken a number of actions to reduce our environmental impact and we will continue to do more. These are some of the guidelines we have already adopted:

-Our packaging is 100% plastic free, maximizing recyclability. We make our boxes in a traditional way, thinking about reusing it, we make it durable and with a very careful aesthetic so that it is multipurpose and does not end up in the trash.

Since even the smallest packaging components can have an impact on the environment, our packaging notes and labels are made from recycled materials.

-We make sure that our production is carried out in Spain in the best conditions of safety, health and fair wages. We firmly believe that a business must be ethically based on the fair profit of all those involved in the value chain.

The proximity production reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and minimizes the impact on the environment that occurs when transporting the products.
It favors the conservation of jobs and avoids the dismantling of workshops with years of artisan tradition.
The proximity allows us to interact with the artisans who make the product, ensuring that the working conditions are fair and ethical.

We want you to know who makes your bag. Our production is made entirely by artisans from Ubrique with excellent working conditions.

-We donate 1% of your purchase to the NGO Alimenta la Solidaridad.


This is our first collection, for the next one, we are looking for more sustainable solutions that help reduce our environmental footprint.
Our next challenges are:
-Make three designs with natural fiber.
-Our packaging will be FSC certified, this certification guarantees that the products come from forests managed in a responsible way following the rules that protect water quality, prevent the loss of natural forests and prohibit the use of dangerous chemicals.
-The lining of all our bags will be made with recycled textile.
-We will adjust the accounting to allow us to increase the percentage we donate for each purchase.

We will continue to dedicate time to deepen on actions that we can apply to be more sustainable and responsible with the environment every day.

We invite you to continue promoting by example a more conscientious humanity.