product care

Leather care: Hydrate it: Use conditioners for the leather, by hydrating it you prevent it from cracking and losing its shine.

Clean it up: Leather and water are not very compatible. If you are cleaning your bag, use a damp cloth to remove the dirt, then apply a special cleaning cream.

Let it dry naturally: If your bag gets wet, don’t put it in the sun. Let them dry in a place at room temperature. DO NOT use your hair dryer. The change of sudden temperatures modifies its chemical structure and can change its shape.

Do not store it in plastic bags: Plastic does not allow skin to breathe and can cause mold. If you are going to store it, do it in a ventilated place, preferably dark and dry as sunlight or humidity can discolor and damage it.

Do not exceed the recommended weight and dimensions for your bag: The skin of the leather gives way with weight and humidity. If your bag gets wet, it is advisable to carry it lightly, because as it is a flexible leather, the heavier it will lose its original design.

Do not use soap or common cleaning products: to maintain your bag, use a damp cloth and special leather care products.

Do not put any type of adhesive label on your bag: as you run the risk of altering the color. Avoid letting the lotions and perfumes you use come into contact with the leather